14 December, 2013

Training days over Christmas and New Year

Training as usual up to and including Monday the 23rd of December.

Wednesday the 25th of December - CLOSED.

Saturday the 28th of December & Monday the 30th of December - OPEN - class as usual.

Wednesday the 1st of January, 2014 - CLOSED.

Saturday the 4th of January - OPEN - class as usual, and open from then on. Back into it for another year!

Christmas drinks and dinner...

Saturday 21st of December

at our local

Training is from 2:00-4:00 p.m.

Drinks after that.

Table for dinner booked from 5:30 p.m.

30 November, 2013

Wednesday 4th, Saturday 7th, and Monday 9th of December

I'll be unavailable on these three days.

Your seniors, Mike and Brent, will be in charge while I'm away.

20 November, 2013

A phony kung fu man shoots out his hand ferociously, but his punch contains no true strength. A master is not so flamboyant, but his touch is as heavy as a mountain.

- Chueh Yuan

17 November, 2013

Karen Armstrong

I bought this book in Australia in 1997.

Freedom From Fear by Karen Armstrong

It's an excellent all-round self-protection guide. It was also, for me, a primer for wing chun kung fu, because the fighting principles and techniques demonstrated by Karen Armstrong in the book are based on her expertise in wing chun.

Not long after buying this book, I started my own training in ving chun kuen.

Kevin calls Karen Armstrong "wing chun's leading lady," and he has written about her here: http://www.earleswingchun.com/women-in-wing-chun

"Her petite 5'2" frame was dwarfed by her passion, enthusiasm, and obvious skill in Wing Chun. A supreme example of the power of Wing Chun."

"As skilful in her practical application of Wing Chun as she is in her effectiveness as a promoter, manager, and teacher of the art, she has rightly earned the title, 'Wing Chun's Leading Lady'."

16 November, 2013

A couple of notices, and..... Kevin.

  • My own sifu, Kevin Earle, was in town for one day on Thursday the 14th. I spent a bit of time with Kevin on Thursday morning, then he attended Thursday evening's class. Present were: Brent, Ange, Mike, Hadrian, David (Kevin's travelling companion and an old training partner of mine from way back), Rachel, Pete, Sean, Ben, newcomer Shane on his first night in class, and me. We so enjoyed having Kevin and David there. 
  • Thursday, 21st of November will be the last time we train on a Thursday at our present hall. We will train on Wednesdays instead, the first Wednesday training night being 27th of November. So, from then on, our classes will be Monday evenings, Wednesday evenings, and Saturday afternoons. 
  • As a one-off, there will be no training on Saturday, 30th of November. The landlord wants the use of the hall on that day.

02 November, 2013

Self-defence in the News - No. 50

100 Years Ago

The more things change.....

Reprinted in Otago Daily Times, 1 November 2013.
Original article 1 November 1913.

29 October, 2013

Self-defence in the News - No. 49

"My instinct was limbs, kick, scream, punch, everything."


Help get this person off the street: victim

 By Hamish McNeilly on Sat, 26 Oct 2013


A police sketch of the man who allegedly attacked a 25-year-old woman in Dunedin on Saturday night.

The victim of an attempted abduction in Dunedin hopes the public will recognise a police sketch of the man ''to help get this person get off the street''.

Yesterday police released a sketch of the man based on a description supplied by the 25-year-old Dunedin woman. Last Saturday night, the woman was walking home from the Octagon after being unable to get a taxi due to the long lines of people waiting for them after the All Blacks v Australia test.

In Princes St, she began talking to a ''normal, young, friendly sober dude'' near the Oval and opposite the bus depot.

''There was nothing bizarre about the conversation; we spoke for 10 to 15 minutes ... just about the rugby and weather, basically.''

The pair parted ways when they got to Hillside Rd and she continued walking down the street.

''I didn't think he was there. I thought I was walking on my own.''

The man then yelled an offensive comment and as she made her way to the road to text someone, he rushed at her, grabbed her and lifted her some 10m into some bushes at Bathgate Park.

''My instinct was limbs, kick, scream, punch, everything.

''I made enough commotion for him to give up, drop me and run away.''

The man was last seen running across Bathgate Park in the direction of Helena St and Macandrew Rd.

Stunned, the woman made her way back to the road and flagged down a taxi, which took her home, where she contacted the police.

She said it was hard helping police to make the sketch, as ''it was a difficult memory bank to tap into''.

''But I want to do everything I can do to help get this person get off the street ... I had a lucky escape so I want to help them out.''

She said police involved in the case had been ''amazing''.

''They have real sympathy and compassion.''

When she looked at the sketch of her offender, she felt sadness for society, as ''you just can't be free and walk around and do what you want because, unfortunately, there are people out there like this''.

However, she felt Dunedin was a safe city and ''this was just an unfortunate event''.

Detective Sergeant Rob Hanna, of Dunedin, said anyone with information about the offender should contact Dunedin police on 471-4800 or the anonymous tip-off line Crimestoppers, 0800 555 111.

Police did not believe the attack was linked to an attempted abduction hours earlier in Vogel St. Sightings of the ''home-sprayed'' silver van by members of the public had been confirmed in South Dunedin and the inner city, Detective Regan Boucher said. He urged anyone who had spotted that vehicle on Saturday night or Sunday night to contact police.

Two men jointly charged with abducting a woman with the intention of raping her were remanded in custody by consent. One was later granted bail.

- hamish.mcneilly@odt.co.nz


• Caucasian, early to mid-20s
• Between 167cm-175cm in height
• Medium build with broad shoulders
• Short light brown or fair hair, and wispy facial hair
• He was wearing a white cap and possibly a dark hoodie


25 October, 2013

Saturday training, 26th of October...

Just this once, Saturday training starts at 2:00pm.

Mike will open up.

22 October, 2013

Self-defence in the News - No. 48

Attacker clawed in the face




A Christchurch woman was pushed to the ground, headbutted and punched in the face by a man who then tried to sexually assault her.

She managed to get away though, fending off the attacker by clawing at his face.
The attack, in Nunweek Park in the Christchurch suburb of Harewood, happened at about 2.30am yesterday.

Police this afternoon appealed for anyone with information about the attack to come forward.

Police Detective Sergeant Richard Quested said the woman, aged in her 20s, parked her car in Wooldridge Rd before trying to use the toilets in the park.

However, they were locked and as she returned to the car she was attacked from behind.

"The woman was pushed to the ground, headbutted and hit in the face. While on the ground her attacker has attempted to sexually assault the woman, but was disturbed by a passing street sweeping machine," Quested said.

"The woman clawed at the man's face and pushed him off, and was able to run back to her car and drive away."

She suffered cuts and bruises and was fortunate not to be seriously injured.

The attacker was described as between 1.67 metres and 1.77m tall, of medium build with a "beer belly" and a moustache. He was believed to be wearing a black cap with a black hoodie pulled up over the cap, Quested said.

"If anyone has seen a man of this description, or any other suspicious people or activity around the park, we urge them to contact police as soon as possible."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Constable Pamela Cox on 03 372 5710, Christchurch police on 03 363 7400 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

- © Fairfax NZ News

23 September, 2013

Sunday at Ange's house

My photographs from Sunday.


Mike (left) and Steve



Anthony (left) and Brent
Photo by Hadrian

The lovely Moo


08 September, 2013

Self-defence in the News - No. 47

Gutsy woman who fought off attacker says court sentence is disappointing


Penalty 'slap in the face'

By Kathryn Powley

Sep 8, 2013

Noreen Roudon at the place near the Sunnyvale station where she was assaulted.  
Photo / Doug Sherring 

A gutsy woman who fought off an attacker after he followed her from a train into a walkway is disappointed with his sentence - the equivalent of being grounded for three months.

Last November, Noreen Roudon suffered a black eye when she was attacked by Jonathan Ray Lole, 27, who followed her from the Sunnyvale rail station in West Auckland and grabbed her as she walked home.

It was early evening, still daylight, and Roudon fought back.

She told the Herald on Sunday shortly after the incident that she was not usually a confrontational person.

"But I turned around and saw him. I knew that I was fighting for my life. If he had a weapon, I didn't know. I just started punching, screaming, fighting and swearing."

On Friday, Roudon, 27, was in Auckland District Court for Lole's sentencing.

He will serve nine months' supervision and three months' community detention, during which time he must remain at his Henderson address from 7.30pm to 7.30am weeknights and 8.30pm to 7.30am on weekends.

Community detention is effectively a curfew, a sentence which restricts an offender's movements during specified times. It requires an offender to remain at an approved residence at times set down by the court.

This week, Roudon told the Herald on Sunday: "It was a bit of a slap in the face. I was disappointed."

She had reluctantly moved out of her parents' house and in with her partner because she no longer wanted to walk from the train - and partly because Lole lived nearby.

"I'm not scared, but I don't walk as much."

07 September, 2013

A September Saturday

Three photographs I made today...

Ange and Mike.

Kung Fu man, Pete. Quick learner, skills growing.

Hard-hitting heavyweights, Hadrian and Mike.


[Cartoon by George Booth in The New Yorker.]

24 June, 2013

Self-defence in the News - No. 46

Shopkeeper punched as she fights back during robbery


By Morgan Tait

 Monday Jun 24, 2013


A middle-aged woman was punched in the face when she fought back against two armed females trying to steal money and cigarettes from her Auckland dairy yesterday.

The woman's husband, who was afraid to be identified, told the Herald it was the second time their business, Puhinui Superette, had been robbed since the pair bought it in late 2010.

He had briefly left the store on Puhinui Rd, Papatoetoe, to do some shopping when two women entered about 2.20pm yesterday, he said.

"It's very awful, they came into the shop and one of them produced a gun. One of them she [threatened] my wife and other one got into the counter and took some money and cigarettes." He said his wife tried to stop the women from getting away.

"My wife got punched in the face - her lip was bleeding from where it hit her teeth and she has got some cuts. She chased them out and tried to stop them escaping. My wife is really brave."

He said she was left shaken and afraid after the incident.

Neighbours, who are regular customers of the dairy, saw the shopkeeper chasing the women and helped to restrain one of them.

Police say they are now looking for the second woman, described as Polynesian, about 20, with dark brown hair, who ran away with more than $200 of cash and cigarettes.

The store was also robbed two years ago, and it left the couple - who are both aged over 50 and moved to New Zealand from China 10 years ago - feeling vulnerable.

"We never feel really safe in this isolated place, we have to rely on our luck not to get killed or injured and nothing can really be done about it.

"We have had one of these incidents before and this time she fought back really strongly."

St John Ambulance staff treated the shopkeeper for her facial injuries.

22 June, 2013

Saturday training today, 22nd June

There is Saturday training as usual.

1:00pm today.

20 June, 2013

Class cancelled - Thursday 20th June

Due to dangerous road conditions, class tonight is cancelled.

We will make up for it when I see you next.

  • Check back here for news about Saturday's class. Brent has the key, so you could text him, or get in touch with Mike or me.

18 June, 2013

Self-defence in the News - No. 45

Daughter, 18, cuts off her father's head after he rapes her




"Daughter, 18, cuts off her father's head after he raped her in their Papua New Guinea village home."


By Richard Shears

Protective ring: Villagers in the remote western highlands of Papua New Guinea say they will not let police talk to the 18 year old rape victim (file image)

A teenage girl chopped her father's head clean off with a bush knife after he raped her in their home in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Now residents of the village have formed a protective ring around the 18-year-old, refusing to hand her over to the police because they agreed her 'evil' father deserved to die.

A local church leader, Pastor Lucas Kumi from the village of Rang in the Western Highlands, said the entire community would refuse to allow the girl to be subjected to any official investigation.   

'The people and leaders in our area went and saw the headless body of the father after the girl reported the incident to them and explained why she had killed her father,' said Pastor Kumi.

He told the Post Courier newspaper that the father, in his mid-40s, raped his daughter when they were alone in their house after the mother and two other children from the family went to visit relatives for the night.

'The father went to his daughter's room in the night and raped her repeatedly. 

'The father wanted to rape his daughter again in the morning and that was when the young girl picked up the bush knife and chopped her father's head off,' said Pastor Kumi. 

'We've all agreed that she is free to stay in the community because the father deserved to die. 

'The daughter did what she did because of the trauma and the evil actions of her father, so that is why we have all agreed that she remains in the community.' 

He said a ring of protection had been placed around the girl, who will be kept away from any official investigation.

'The community have also agreed not to conduct any formal burial service for the father.'

09 June, 2013

Mid-year get-together

Looks like it's all arranged.

Saturday, 15 June at our local.

For details, contact one of the senior students who usually train on Saturdays, eg. Mike, Brent, Hadrian, Ange... or send me a text.


Self-defence in the News - No. 44

Woman fights armed invader



10am UPDATE: Police have arrested a teenager after a woman fought off an attacker in her Ruakaka home early yesterday morning. 

Detective Seargeant Shane Pilmer said a 17-year-old had been arrested last night and would appear on the Whangarei District Court today.

* * * * * * * * * *

A 40-year-old Northland woman needed surgery for a deep gash to her hand after she fended off a knife-wielding intruder who had climbed through her bedroom window.

Police detectives were yesterday interviewing Ruakaka residents near Wahanui Walkway after the early-morning attack on the woman, whose young child was sleeping in another room.

The incident comes two weeks after a man tried to sexually assault a 15-year-old girl in her Marsden Point Rd home.

The man struggled with the girl but he was scared off by a neighbour leaving home next door.

No arrest has been made in that case.

Head of both investigations Detective Sergeant Shane Pilmer was not linking the two attacks but said they had similarities and that was concerning. Police were unsure of the motive behind the latest attack.

The woman had been woken by a noise outside her window about 4am yesterday. She had got up to see what was happening and found a man with a bandanna around his face climbing through the bedroom window.

Mr Pilmer said a struggle ensued on the bedroom floor when the man produced a knife. Both the woman's hands were cut and surgery for a deep cut on one hand had been scheduled at Whangarei Hospital yesterday.

The woman managed to fend off the attacker, who had fled out the bedroom window.

The woman had then raised the alarm.

"She was very shaken up and very distraught. This could easily have been a lot worse. During the scuffle, she could easily have been fatally stabbed," Mr Pilmer said.

A police dog and handler were called but were unable to find a trail. St John ambulance officers were called to the house and transferred the woman to hospital.

The attacker has been described as a male Maori, of slim build with short hair, aged in his 20s or possibly younger. At the time, he was wearing a white T-shirt, black jeans and fawn-coloured shoes.

He also had a brown or fawn-coloured bandanna around his face.

Mr Pilmer said detectives were determined to track down the man to ensure there were no further attacks.

In the meantime, he urged home owners in the Ruakaka area to make sure windows and doors were securely locked at night.

He called on anyone who may have noticed anyone acting suspiciously in the Wahanui Walkway area late on Thursday or early on Friday to contact police.

On June 22, a man, described as a male Maori in his 30s, walked down the driveway of a Marsden Point Rd house, knocked on the door and spoke to a girl about 9.45am.

After speaking to him, the girl closed the door and turned to walk back inside the house. But the man pulled the door open and entered the house.

Mr Pilmer said there was a struggle between the girl and the man - the girl ending up on the ground.

The man had then tried to sexually assault the teenager but someone had left a neighbouring property and disturbed the attacker.

The girl had raised the alarm with a friend who rang police. She had sustained cuts and bruising and was seen by ambulance staff at a nearby house.

If you can help call Mr Pilmer directly on 09 4304589 or anonymously on 0800 Crimestoppers.

03 June, 2013

Queen's Birthday weekend

Training as usual on Monday.

01 June, 2013

Self-defence in the News - No. 43

Nurse speaks out after Hamilton knife attack 



The victim of a knife attack near Waikato Hospital this week says she and other hospital staff "shouldn't have to feel scared".

Two female nurses were threatened by a man wielding a knife shortly after 10pm on Thursday night.

The nurses, who had just parked their car in Horne St before starting a night shift, were confronted by a man who knocked on the driver's side-window, opened the car door, and threatened the pair with a knife.

He then repeatedly told both women to "get out" of the car, police said.

Detective Constable Lucy Southall of the Hamilton CIB said the driver of the car kicked out at her attacker and both women refused to budge.

"After a short while the attacker fled the scene in the direction of the hospital and the Pembroke St-Selwyn St intersection."

Police and district health board management have condemned the attack, and appealed for help from members of the public who may have seen someone acting suspiciously in Horne St between 10pm and 10.30pm.

One of the victims, who asked not to be named, said people knew that the hospital area was full of vulnerable women.

"We need people to respect us.

"We are looking after sick kids and their families and the last thing we need is to be abused at work or on our way to work.

"I shouldn't have to feel scared."

Ms Southall said police believed that a couple seen walking along Horne St shortly after 10pm could be the key to solving the attack.

"The area where the attack took place was one with poor light. However, the victims described the attacker as a dark-skinned male aged in his early to mid-twenties of average height with brown eyes and shaved black hair."

The attacker wore a red and white patterned bandanna over his face and the weapon was described as a small pocket knife with a 7cm to 8cm blade, Ms Southall said.

The young woman seen walking with a man just before the attack was described as looking about 18 years old with long blonde or brown hair tied in a long ponytail. She had a white push-type scooter.

- © Fairfax NZ News 

13 May, 2013

Print ad.

07 May, 2013

Self-defence in the News - No. 42

Bucket of chilli floors takeaway robber at Rosebery

Taylor Auerbach
May 06, 2013
Adil holding tray of the chili his co-worker threw on a man allegedly trying to rob the Rosebery takeaway shop. Picture: Kelly Fedor/Twitter

AN alleged would-be thief was left red-faced, literally, last night after he was foiled by a quick-thinking employee and bucket of chilli. 
  The 24-year-old Tempe man allegedly attempted to snatch money from a cash register in a Rosebery takeaway store after he became embroiled in an argument with two employees around 6.30pm.

One of the staff members, a 40-year-old man, ran to the front of the store and called police while his 27-year-old female colleague tussled with the man.

After smashing the cash register open on the floor, the man hit the woman across the chest as she attempted to thwart his alleged robbery attempt.

She then threw a nearby bucket of chilli over his head, instantly flooring him.
Police arrived within minutes and arrested the man.

He was taken to Mascot police station where he received treatment for minor burns and was charged with assault with intent to rob.

He was denied bail and will appear in Waverly local court later today.

03 May, 2013

Self-defence in the News - No. 41

'Predator mode' scares off burglars 




CHASED BURGLARS: Aiya Van Kooten wasn't about to let burglars escape when they entered her home.

When Aiya Van Kooten stood face-to-face with a burglar in her bedroom, her left eye twitched, then she went into "predator mode".

"I screamed at him... jumped off my chair, leaped over my bed and sprinted after him down the stairs," she said.

The 20-year-old student was studying at her Dinsdale, Hamilton, home when two burglars entered through an unlocked door last Saturday at about 5.30pm.

"There were two of them; they were about 17-years-old. I said: you've robbed the wrong house."
Although she was the only one home, Van Kooten said she had no regard for her safety - instead, she said she was just overwhelmed with "rage".

"I just thought these guys are in my house, this is breaking the law... I'm gonna get you."

Van Kooten, who lives with her grandmother, said she chased the pair outside, where she managed to "boot one of them up the arse" before they clambered over her fence and into an adjacent paddock.
"They dropped the laptop and camera - I didn't realise they were carrying it."

Although she had a towel wrapped around her head, and no shoes on her feet, she didn't give up the chase.

After pushing though the back gate of the property, she chased the pair on to the road and then flagged down a passing SUV.

The driver decided to help and, with Ms Van Kooten inside the vehicle, pursued the offenders through the neighbourhood streets until the burglars ended up at Bremworth Park.

While Van Kooten, the driver and a member of the public - who she described as looking like an "ex-military man" - scoured the park for the pair, police arrived.

"All of sudden we saw the police car speed up and head down the street.

"We ran down there and the military guy had one of the robbers pinned down to the ground and the police came and got him."

Van Kooten was a victim of one of 78 burglaries in Hamilton between Anzac Day and 6am Monday morning.

Yesterday, she had a video conference with one of the offenders and several other burglary victims of the teen.

"He had a bad attitude at first, but he started to realise the impact of what he was doing."

Far from consigning the event to the past, Van Kooten asked whether the offender would be willing to see her again so she could help him with his rehabilitation.

He agreed, reluctantly, and she is set to visit him at a correctional facility in Rotorua in the next few months.

© Fairfax NZ News

25 April, 2013

Anzac Day

Yes, we are training tonight.

29 March, 2013


Training Saturday (30th of March) and Monday (1st of April) as usual.

17 March, 2013

Senior wing chun men.

Left to right: Brent, Hadrian, Mike.

01 March, 2013

Self-defence in the News - No. 40

Dog saves owner from armed sex attack 






SAVIOUR: A Christchurch teenager believes she could have been killed in a sexually motivated attack in a Burnside park if her dog had not come to her aid and attacked the man.

A Christchurch woman was saved from a vicious sexually motivated attack by the loyal dog she adopted only two months ago.

The 19-year-old believes she survived only because her dog leaped on the attacker, biting him on the neck or shoulder.

The woman told The Press her 13-month-old german-shepherd-greyhound-border-collie cross's intervening allowed her to run away and flag down a passing car.

The attack took place in Jellie Park, Burnside, about 1.50am on Sunday.

Police do not believe it is related to another sexually motivated attack on a 14-year-old near Colombo St on Friday night.

No arrests have been made for either incident. The 19-year-old had just been dropped off at her home near Burnside Park when the dog took off out the door.

She chased after him, staying close to the road but as she came near some bushes she was grabbed by a man and dragged into the dark.

She still has no idea how long the ordeal went on. At first she froze and believes she blacked out when her head hit the ground.

When she came to, "instinct kicked in". She fought back, kicking the man in the groin and scratching at his face while trying to protect herself. She tried to gouge his eyes. She thought he was hitting her with his phone, but it was in fact a weapon.

"He was cutting me with something, but I had no pain. All the blood, I thought, was sweat or tears. I was yelling for help and screaming at some points. I thought, 'If I'm going to die I might as well fight back.' "

Her attacker did not utter a word. When she kicked and scratched him, he made only "creepy" grunty noises.

"It was like he couldn't feel it," she said.

She suffered numerous cuts to her face, hands and arms, but believes her injuries would have been worse if the dog had not come to her aid.

She said he ran over and "leaped on the guy", biting him and dragging him away.

"I could hear him growling. I didn't look back. I ran straight to the road.

"I don't think I'd be here if [he] didn't do that."

Police believe the attacker went up a slide to get away from the dog.

The woman said she had not slept since the attack - "every time I shut my eyes I relive it" - but wanted to speak out to warn other women.

She is confident police will find her attacker, described as a male European with dark facial stubble.

She believes he had been hiding in the bushes waiting for a potential victim. "I see people cut through [the park] all the time. If it wasn't me, it would have been some girl without a dog."

She said her dog has stayed beside her ever since the ordeal.

"He's an amazing dog. It was a horrible thing, but I could have got murdered in a park."

About 9.30pm on Friday, a 14-year-old was attacked and pulled into bushes in Walton St close to Colombo St. She suffered bruising but no other serious injuries.

Anyone with information on either attack should phone Detective Greg Dalziel on (03) 363 7899 or phone the anonymous Crimestoppers line on 0800 555 111. 

- © Fairfax NZ News

12 February, 2013


Top wing chun man, Mike, at home with his mistress.....

10 February, 2013

Self-defence in the News - No. 39

Woman fights off attacker by river 




Police are praising the courage of a Nelson woman who fought off an attacker after being grabbed from behind on the Maitai Walkway.

Officers are increasing patrols in the Queen's Gardens area following the incident, the second violent attack on a woman in the area in less than a week.

Early last Sunday morning, an 18-year-old woman was raped in Queen's Gardens.

In the latest incident, only about 100 metres away from the gardens, a woman in her 40s was grabbed about 10pm on Thursday. Police said the attack appeared to be sexually motivated.

The woman was walking home when she was dragged under the Normanby Bridge, where there was a violent struggle.

Acting Nelson Bays area commander Inspector Ross Lienert said she suffered bruises and scrapes, but managed to fight off her attacker and get away.

Mr Lienert said the woman showed "real courage", punching the offender to break free. He could have visible injuries as a result.

"There could be bruising around his face.

"She has been subjected to a number of punches, but she's managed to land a few of her own and escape from the attacker. She's done extremely well under the circumstances. It is apparent from the description of the incident that the attack was sexually motivated," he said.

The offender was described as Caucasian, about 170cm (5ft 7in) tall. He was of medium build, with short hair, and was thought to be in his 20s. He was wearing dark blue baggy jeans which had a tear on the seat, and a grey, long-sleeved hoodie with a zip up the front.

The hood was up, and had a light-coloured lining and a small tear. There was dark writing on the front of the hoodie.

Police would like to hear from anyone who was in the area at the time, and anyone who may be able to help identify the attacker.

They would also like to hear from anyone who may have experienced a similar incident but has not yet reported it to the police.

Mr Lienert said police were not ruling out the possibility that Thursday's attack was linked to last Sunday's rape, as they both involved women on their own in the same part of town. "We don't want to categorically say that there's a link, but certainly we've got to look at that option."

Police would be going door to door and speaking with residents in the area today, he said, and staff would be carrying out high-profile foot patrols.

"We want to assure people that live in that area that they are safe. Until this person is located, we will have a presence there."

Mr Lienert advised people against walking alone in the area, and said they should call police immediately if they thought they might know who the attacker was, or saw someone who fitted the description. "We want to catch this person as soon as possible."

The earlier attack happened about 1am last Sunday in Queen's Gardens, near the public toilet.
The 18-year-old victim had been at the Little Rock Bar in Bridge St, and had stopped to call a taxi. She was grabbed from behind before she could make the call.

Police said she was raped, but the offender was frightened off by the sound of people in the area.

The victim described the offender as skinny, aged 20 to 25, and Caucasian with short-cropped hair.

On New Year's Day, a 62-year-old woman was raped at the Victory Community Gardens.

Nelson fisheries worker Hilton Hone-Heke has been charged with a number of offences in relation to that rape and assault. He is in custody.

Information on either attack in the Queen's Gardens area can be given by calling Nelson police, ph 546 3840, or anonymously through Crimestoppers, 0800 555 111.

- © Fairfax NZ News


28 January, 2013

Look who popped in...

... My sifu, Master Kevin Earle.

Saturday class with Kevin, Brent, Chris, Ange, Hadrian, Mike, Tony, Moo, and me.

Ange, Hadrian, Brent, and Mike.

Brent & Kevin.

Mike & Kevin.

Chris & Kevin.

Left to right: Chris, Kevin, Brent, Anthony, Hadrian, and Mike -- at Southern Wing Chun.

08 January, 2013

Self-defence in the News - No. 38

Women in India

New Zealand Herald