20 December, 2012

Christmas 2012


Left to right: 

Anthony, Matt, Tony, Brent (senior student), Ange (senior student), Hadrian (senior student), Daryl, Scotty, and Mike (senior student).

Some of the great students of Southern Wing Chun...

Self-defence in the News - No. 37

Petrol station owner defends his patch 


 VANITA PRASAD Last updated 06:50 20/12/2012 

BATTLE SCARS: Zahid Chaudry managed to scare off the intruder by confronting him.

An armed robber got more than he bargained for when he attempted to steal from Zahid Chaudry's petrol station.

The Swanson GAS station owner was on his computer about 8pm on Thursday when an armed man confronted him.

 Chaudry said instinct kicked in when he saw the offender's pistol and balaclava. "I just pushed him across the store and thought I have to get him out of here."

He began beating the robber who started smashing him in the face with the butt of his weapon. "We were still fighting, I didn't want to give up, he didn't want to give up."

Chaudry began to get the better of his assailant by throwing him on to the concrete forecourt and removing his disguise. He continued defending his store while a regular customer pulled up outside and called 111.

 Chaudry said the man, who looked in his mid-40s with a goatee, gave up and ran to a getaway car waiting on Swanson Rd. Another resident who saw the getaway pursued the vehicle, getting the driver's registration plate number.

Mechanic John Dormer from neighbouring business Candia Automotive said Chaudry had defended his store bravely. "He deserves a bravery award," Dormer said.

Chaudry has been told by many people that he was stupid for fighting the robber, but he stands by his actions. "If something happened to me who would be there for my wife and daughter? But if I did not fight him he'd just be back for more."

He said he and his wife have owned the station for five years but had never been attacked. He is grateful to the two people who helped: "I love Swanson and I love the people who live here."

The offender left in a purple or burgundy 1990's Holden Commodore Sedan. The car was last seen in the Massey area. Police are investigating the incident.

Fairfax NZ News

18 December, 2012


We will have a brief Christmas break.

The school will be open up until (and including) Saturday
22 December.

Monday 24 December - CLOSED

Thursday 27 December - CLOSED

We will re-open on Saturday 29 December - business as usual...

Self-defence in the News - No. 36

Woman fought off assailant

 Woman fought off assailant

 Mon, 10 Dec 2012 

News: Dunedin 

A woman fought off an unknown male after retrieving an item from her car on Maclaggan St, Dunedin, on Saturday night.

The 34-year-old woman, who suffered minor injuries, was left traumatised by the incident, just before 11pm.

The offender was described as a stocky Caucasian aged in his late 30s or early 40s, well-dressed, smelling of alcohol, and was referring to the victim as ''love''.

Detective Sergeant Chris Henderson said police wanted to speak to anyone who was in the area about the time of the incident.

21 November, 2012

Greg Tsoi (Choy Siu Kwong)

Greg Tsoi (Choy Siu Kwong) and Yip Man

15 November, 2012

What a pleasure....

....to host a visit from my sifu, Master Kevin Earle.

He dropped in to see us during Thursday night's class, and I caught up with him again on Friday.

Our Saturday workshop with him officially started at 10:00am and ran till 5:00pm, with a break for lunch. 

I do believe he enjoyed himself!

Afterwards we all went out for drinks and dinner to wax lyrical about kung fu and other important subjects.

His trip down was a great opportunity for my students to meet him and benefit from his teaching and depth of knowledge.

On Sunday, Tony spent an hour or so in private instruction with Kevin. After that, Kevin and I went over a few things together, and I so appreciate his suggestions and insights.

Left to right: Anthony, Brent, Waz (Wanaka), Chris, Mike, Hadrian, Kevin, Marty, Ange, Steve, Daryl, Jes (Wanaka).

I made this picture of Kevin during the lunch break.

Hadrian ...gentleman ...and kung fu powerhouse.

Anthony and Kevin.

Back row: Sam, Mike, Jes, Brent, Kevin, Ange, Chris, Hadrian, Steve.
Front row: Jasper, Waz, Simon.

Brent and Kevin.

Left to right: Jes, Kevin, Waz.

Ange and Kevin.

 Kevin's first visit to Southern Wing Chun 08-11-2012.
Some of the people at training that night, left to right:
Ange, Brent, Anthony, Kevin, Mike, Steve.

13 November, 2012

Next week ..

After Monday's class (19 November) I will be away for a few days.

Starting Thursday (22 November), Mike will be in charge.

09 November, 2012

Self-defence in the News - No. 35

Girl, 12, uses skateboard to fight off 'monster' 


 Girl, 12, uses skateboard to fight off 'monster'


Tamera Walker wasn't about to just sit there and cry when a "monster man" tried to abduct her a few blocks from her Lower Hutt home on Wednesday.

 The 12-year-old knew exactly how much danger she was in, so she fought back - kicking her attacker in the leg and whacking him with her skateboard. It was enough to give her the opening she needed to escape the man's clutches and run home to safety.

 She told The Dominion Post she was feeling a lot better yesterday after her frightening ordeal on Wednesday night.

She was walking along Randwick Rd about 7pm, on her way to get an icecream from the Moera shops, when she noticed a man peering at her from a parked car. "The window was wound down a little bit and he was just staring at me. He was quite scary-looking, so I started walking a bit faster. "Then he jumped out of the car and grabbed my shoulders."

All she could think about at that moment was getting home to her parents. They had taught her about "stranger danger", and she remembered their advice to resist and make as much noise as possible to attract help. Using the skateboard was her own idea.

She suffered a small graze to her knee after her attacker threw her to the ground but was otherwise fine, she said. "I'm still pretty shaken. But at the same time, I feel quite proud of myself. "Next time I go for a walk to the shops, I'll be taking my sister or my brother with me," Tamera said.

Tamera's mother, Judy, said: "I'm just so proud of her. She could have just sat there and cried but to react the way she did in a situation like that was just amazing. I don't know what I would have done myself. "She's pretty fit from all the sports she plays at school, and she's feisty too, so she was never going to back down."

Mrs Walker, who has three other children aged 14 to 19, said she would be speaking to them all about how to stay safe on the streets and she urged other parents to do the same with their kids.

 Detective Iain Burns, of Lower Hutt, said Tamera's attacker was thought to be a Maori aged in his 30s, with short dark hair and a beard. He had a deep voice and was wearing dark sunglasses, black trackpants with white strips and a black hooded sweatshirt with long draw-strings. He walked with a noticeable limp. The car involved in the incident was black and similar to a Nissan Primera. It had gold-rimmed wheels and a dent in the passenger door.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Lower Hutt police on 04 560 2600 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

 -- Fairfax NZ News

26 October, 2012


16 October, 2012

Self-defence in the News - No. 34

Liquor store staff member chases off armed robber

Liquor store staff member chases off armed robber 

2:47 PM Monday Oct 15, 2012

 Dramatic footage of a liquor store worker with a hockey stick chasing off a knife-wielding robber has been released by police.

The CCTV images give a glimpse of the tense confrontation that unfolded after two men demanded cash and took alcohol from the Thirsty Liquor bottle store in Upper Hutt last Tuesday.

One shows a man gesturing aggressively with a knife as he stands before the counter. Another shows the same man in a standoff with a worker outside the shop.

Detective Sergeant Chris Gooch of Hutt Valley police said the men entered the store on Fergusson Drive in Silverstream about 5.45pm.

One demanded money from a worker at knifepoint and the second took some bottles of alcohol from a shelf.

The staff member struck one of the offenders with a hockey stick before chasing them both out of the shop.

Mr Gooch said the offenders ran across the railway tracks to a vehicle waiting in a car park opposite Silverstream Primary School.

The maroon four-door Nissan hatch or similar, with a number plate starting with the letter T, was last seen driving north along Gard St.

Police have released the CCTV images in the hope they will help to identify the offenders.
"We would like to hear from anyone who may have been in the vicinity of Thirsty Liquor at the time of the aggravated robbery last Tuesday night or from anyone who has any other relevant which may assist police,'' Mr Gooch said.

Staff at the store were reluctant to talk about the incident today, saying the matter was being dealt with by police and they did not want to comment in the media.

Anyone with any information should contact Hutt Valley Police on (04) 560 2600 or phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

12 September, 2012

Self-defence in the News - No. 33

Teen praised for bravery after daylight attack 

 Teen praised for bravery after daylight attack

Wednesday Sep 12, 2012

A 15-year-old girl has been hailed for her bravery after fighting off a man who attacked her in daylight on a rural Bay of Plenty road.

 Police said the girl was dropped off by her school bus at the corner of Gulliver Rd and State Highway 2 at about 4.00pm yesterday. She was walking along Gulliver Road when she was attacked from behind by an offender described as a tall, skinny Indian man who was about 20 years old.

 The girl fought off her attacker after a short struggle, police said. He ran off in the direction of State Highway 2. Detective Sergeant Ryan Yardley praised the victim for fighting off her attacker. "The actions of the girl were brave and she is recovering with her family" "This is a concerning incident and we are treating it seriously."

 Mr Yardley called on parents to be vigilant while police hunted the offender. "Whilst we don't want the community to be unduly alarmed it is clearly important that we identify this offender. "Parents can tell their children to immediately report anything suspicious to police or a trusted adult and look out for each other if they out walking with a friend."

Someone may have given the offender a ride to an area near where the attack took place, Mr Yardley said. He appealed for anyone who had seen someone who matched the description of the offender to come forward to police.


 To give information on the case call Te Puke police on 07 573 9147 or the anonymous Crimestoppers line on 0800 555 111.

- nzherald.co.nz

08 September, 2012


Shaolin Burning is a graphic novel by 
New Zealand creator/writer/artist Ant Sang.

It features appearances by kung fu legends Ng Mui and
Yim Wing Chun, plus Deadly Plum Blossom, elders of the Shaolin Temple, and a bloodthirsty monk who has embraced his dark side.

It's a good comic.

25 August, 2012

The fittest kung fu man in Dunedin

Daniel McKinlay

28 July, 2012

Saturday training

Left to right:

Ange (senior student) - Chris (visiting ronin) - Hadrian (up-and-coming wing chun man) - Mike and Steve (heavy hitters from way back)

Photographed by me today.

21 July, 2012

13 June, 2012

Self-defence in the News - No. 32

Father beats daughter's abuser to death

 Father beats daughter's abuser to death 



 US authorities say a father who caught a man sexually assaulting his four-year-old daughter and beat him to death may not face charges.

The father, from Texas, punched the man repeatedly in the head, killing him, Lavaca County Sheriff Micah Harmon said.

 The girl had been left inside the family's house during a social gathering on Saturday while other members of her family were tending to horses, Sheriff Harmon told CNN. He said the father returned to the house and caught the man abusing his daughter before unleashing his attack. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

 The girl was taken to a local hospital for examination before being released and was "OK besides the obvious mental trauma," Harmon said.

He said the father was ''very remorseful'' and did not know the other man was going to die. "You have a right to defend your daughter," Harmon said after being asked whether police would press charges against the girl's father. ''He acted in defence of [of her]. Once the investigation is completed we will submit it to the district attorney who then submits it to the grand jury, who will decide if they will indict him.''

Neither man has been publicly identified.

 - Sydney Morning Herald

09 June, 2012

Chris and Anthony (1999)

Chris (left) and me.

Our second year of training.

27 April, 2012


 An article. 

"The internet is a goldmine of information about various kung-fu systems including Wing Chun kung-Fu, each promoting their own particular theories over the internet and through other media. With so much information now freely available surely, logic would suggest, it should be easier to learn kung-fu....."

Follow the link: 

As discussed at training yesterday.

15 January, 2012

'Twas the class before Christmas... 2

Click here for full-size version.

Left to right:

Lois - Mike - Anthony - Steve

22 Dec 2011 - Photographer: Daniel

08 January, 2012

'Twas the class before Christmas... 1

Click here for full-size version.

Left to right:

Daniel, Mike, Jasper, Sam, Kezz, and Steve.

22 Dec 2011 - Photographer: me

06 January, 2012

Self-defence in the News - No. 31

Woman fights off knife attacker

Woman fights off knife attacker

Amelia Harris
From: Herald Sun
January 06, 2012 7:20AM

A FRENCH student managed to escape a man who stabbed her on a street in Melbourne's north after hitting him several times in the face.

The 26-year-old woman suffered a deep cut to her arm and needed eight stitches after the confrontation in North Fitzroy on Monday.

Investigators have been told the man approached the woman from behind as she walked along Brunswick St, near Freeman St, about 4.20am.

It's believed the man grabbed her left arm, prompting a struggle.

He was forced to let the woman go after being hit several times in the face.

The man, believed to be aged in his late 30s to early 40s, fled the scene and was last seen walking north along Brunswick St.

The woman then realised she had received a cut to her arm.

A local resident heard the woman’s screams for help.

The victim was taken to St Vincent's Hospital with serious injuries.

She will speak about her ordeal this morning in a bid to help catch the attacker.

Police have released an image of a man they want to speak to.

He is described as Caucasian with a thin build and short blond hair.

He wore a grey T-shirt and jeans or possibly shorts.

Police want to speak to this man. Digital image / Victoria Police Supplied