24 June, 2013

Self-defence in the News - No. 46

Shopkeeper punched as she fights back during robbery


By Morgan Tait

 Monday Jun 24, 2013


A middle-aged woman was punched in the face when she fought back against two armed females trying to steal money and cigarettes from her Auckland dairy yesterday.

The woman's husband, who was afraid to be identified, told the Herald it was the second time their business, Puhinui Superette, had been robbed since the pair bought it in late 2010.

He had briefly left the store on Puhinui Rd, Papatoetoe, to do some shopping when two women entered about 2.20pm yesterday, he said.

"It's very awful, they came into the shop and one of them produced a gun. One of them she [threatened] my wife and other one got into the counter and took some money and cigarettes." He said his wife tried to stop the women from getting away.

"My wife got punched in the face - her lip was bleeding from where it hit her teeth and she has got some cuts. She chased them out and tried to stop them escaping. My wife is really brave."

He said she was left shaken and afraid after the incident.

Neighbours, who are regular customers of the dairy, saw the shopkeeper chasing the women and helped to restrain one of them.

Police say they are now looking for the second woman, described as Polynesian, about 20, with dark brown hair, who ran away with more than $200 of cash and cigarettes.

The store was also robbed two years ago, and it left the couple - who are both aged over 50 and moved to New Zealand from China 10 years ago - feeling vulnerable.

"We never feel really safe in this isolated place, we have to rely on our luck not to get killed or injured and nothing can really be done about it.

"We have had one of these incidents before and this time she fought back really strongly."

St John Ambulance staff treated the shopkeeper for her facial injuries.

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