12 February, 2014

This Saturday, 15 February...

All of the senior guys are away on other business,
so there will be no Saturday class this week.

So... Take a break, do the Form, and see you Monday.

09 February, 2014

Self-defence in the News - No. 58

Surfer punches shark in the face

Darren Mills


Bitten surfer punched shark 




A surfer being attacked by a shark in a Southland bay punched it in the face to free himself from its grip.

The 28-year-old man was on his board about 50m out from Porpoise Bay Beach, near Curio Bay, about 8.30 last night when the attack happened, police said.

Nick Smart was surfing about 100 metres away and witnessed the incident.

"He was sitting on his surfboard and the shark came up from nowhere and hit him.

"He struggled for a bit and then punched the shark and it let him go."

The man then made his own way to shore before being assisted by a doctor and a nurse, who just happened to be at the beach, Smart said.

They applied a tourniquet and gave him first aid and blankets while they waited for an ambulance to arrive.

The man was surprisingly calm throughout the entire ordeal, Smart said.

"He was totally coherent and talking.

"He was definitely in a bit of pain but he handled it really well.

"His partner was on the beach and she was right there as well so he had a lot of support."

The man's friends believed it to be a sevengill shark, although they couldn't be sure of that, and thought it was about two to three metres in length, Smart said.

An ambulance arrived about 40 minutes after the attack and transported the man to Southland Hospital, where he remained in a stable condition today.

The man was bitten three times from his thigh to his calf and there was "lots of blood", a police spokesman said.

The attack was a real shock to everyone in the Catlins area, Smart said.

"Mate, it's the first time there has ever been a shark attack in the Catlins and there has never been a shark attack in this bay.

"There's been so many dolphins in the bay over the last few days as well.

"I've spent thousands of hours in this shore break and the thought [of a shark attack] doesn't even cross my mind ... but it does now."

The attack would not put surfers off from returning to the water, with some already saying they were keen to get back out there, Smart said.

"There is no-one out there at the moment but there is people wanting to go out and there will be people out there later today."

05 February, 2014

Self-defence in the News - No. 57

Late night attack: 'I really am so angry'


By Rebecca Quilliam 



Frank and Barbara Watene standing outside boarded
 up windows at their Naenae home. 
Photo / Rebecca Quilliam

Barbara Watene is mad as hell at the four men who left her 71-year-old husband lying in a heap on the ground bruised and with a fractured collarbone.

"Do I want to face those guys? Oh yes. I am so angry, I really am so angry."

Frank Watene knows he's lucky to be alive after he was set upon by the group at 3am on Sunday outside his Naenae home in the Hutt Valley.

"If they'd found my hammer hanging up outside, I'd probably be dead."

The couple who have lived on Bush Street for 33 years are refusing to be intimidated by the incident and said there was no way they would leave their home.

"Why should we let p****s like that chase us out?" Mrs Watene said.

Their cosy house has also been home to 300 to 400 foster children - many of whom are pictured in frames covering the walls.

Two of those children, a 14-year-old boy and girl, were in the house during the incident.

They were frightened, but the boy managed to phone some older former foster children to come and help, Mrs Watene said.

"He did so well. He did what he needed to do."

The attack happened after Mrs Watene opened the door to one of the men - but was able to push him back by closing it quickly. The other men then set about smashing the couple's windows.

Mr Watene, described by his wife as a "Maori warrior", confronted the men and was able to land a punch to one of them before being viciously attacked.

"I wasn't thinking of myself. I was thinking of the kids," he said.

Neighbours quickly gathered at the home after hearing the commotion and the appearance of one may have frightened the men off, Mrs Watene said.

The attack had left Mr Watene "aching all over" and unable to sleep.

The pair have been left bewildered as to why the attack happened to them.

"I've gone back..in my memory to see if there was someone I had attacked...then it would make sense. But I haven't. It's a mystery," Mr Watene said.

Mrs Watene said it might have been a case of mistaken identity.

"Because we've done nothing."

Police were seeking sightings of a dark-coloured four-wheel-drive, possibly a Nissan Terrano or Pathfinder.

Anyone with information was asked to contact police on 04 560 2600 or through Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.


04 February, 2014

Self-defence in the News - No. 56

Hamilton teen escapes attempted abduction 




The attempted abduction of a teenage girl in Hamilton could be linked to a similar incident on the same day, police say.

A 16-year-old girl walking along Edgecumbe St was approached by a man driving a silver saloon about 11am yesterday.

"The man has pulled up alongside the girl, called out to her offering her a lift before getting out of his car,'' acting Detective Sergeant Nick O'Brien said.

"He has then approached her, taken her hand and upon her pulling away grabbed her waist. The girl has kicked out at her attacker and run to a nearby address to raise the alarm."

The man was described as a dark skinned male aged in his 40s to 50s, of lean muscular build with short dark hair.

He was said to be wearing a black coloured t-shirt with a white design on the chest, dark coloured knee length shorts and black, red and white coloured sneakers with white laces.

"We would like to hear from anyone who recalls seeing the incident, who saw a silver coloured saloon in the area about the time of the attack or anyone who may know the identity of the attacker,'' Mr O'Brien said.

Police are considering whether this incident is related to a similar incident reported on Hamilton's Hood St about 6am.

Anyone with any information on yesterday's incident is asked to contact the Hamilton Central Police Station on 07 858 6200.Alternatively, information can be left anonymously with the independent organisation Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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