16 November, 2013

A couple of notices, and..... Kevin.

  • My own sifu, Kevin Earle, was in town for one day on Thursday the 14th. I spent a bit of time with Kevin on Thursday morning, then he attended Thursday evening's class. Present were: Brent, Ange, Mike, Hadrian, David (Kevin's travelling companion and an old training partner of mine from way back), Rachel, Pete, Sean, Ben, newcomer Shane on his first night in class, and me. We so enjoyed having Kevin and David there. 
  • Thursday, 21st of November will be the last time we train on a Thursday at our present hall. We will train on Wednesdays instead, the first Wednesday training night being 27th of November. So, from then on, our classes will be Monday evenings, Wednesday evenings, and Saturday afternoons. 
  • As a one-off, there will be no training on Saturday, 30th of November. The landlord wants the use of the hall on that day.

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