19 September, 2019

The whole gang

Left to right: Anthony, Moo, Sean, Shereen, Paul, Pete, Brendan, and Simon.
Photographer: Fabia Oliveira

09 August, 2019

Self-defence training for Red Badge security officers


Training a fantastic bunch of people in simple, effective, quick-to-learn self-defence, geared to their roles as professional security staff.

03 July, 2019

Men's Training Night

Great night's training with the boys only: Paul, Sean, Simon, Brendan, Pete, and me. Punching & striking, four-corner deflection, breaking grabs, and chi sau. Nice and rough with lots of camaraderie! Fantastic to see steady improvement from the newer lads.

Will see all the girls again on Saturday no doubt...

19 June, 2019

Midwinter training night

Left to right: 
Paul, Pete, Shereen, Brendan, Moo, and Simon

16 March, 2019

Some good Saturday training

Pete and Anthony