18 September, 2014

Self-defence in the News - No. 70

Dairy owner strikes back against armed robber




Dairy owner strikes back, chases robber 



TAKE THAT: Dairy owner Pran Sharma fought off an 
armed intruder who tried to rob his dairy yesterday.

A would-be robber got more than he bargained for when he pointed a knife at a Waitara dairy owner in Taranaki yesterday afternoon.

A man walked into the Raleigh St Dairy at about 2pm and made his way behind the counter to where owner Pran Sharma was sitting, making up orders, Sharma said. The intruder pointed a knife at him and demanded money and cigarettes.

But Sharma was having none of it. He hit the intruder with an electric kettle and as the man moved backwards Sharma grabbed a jar of lollies and whacked him again.

"I was not scared. I tried to grab the knife," he said.

"He was lucky to escape. I was really angry."

The exchange lasted less than a minute, before the man took off out the door with Sharma after him.

Sharma chased the robber across the road, yelling at him to stop and come back. But the man disappeared up a side street.

When Sharma returned to his shop a neighbour told him he had called the police.

Sharma has owned the dairy for more than two years and has only had one other problem, when a man tried to get into the dairy when it was closed.

He was caught on the security camera, recognised and went to jail, Sharma said.

And he was confident the police would catch this intruder.

Detective Mike Thorne of Waitara CIB said police were still looking for the offender.

They had footage from the dairy's surveillance system and he was confident local knowledge would produce some information.

In the last fortnight, two shops in South Taranaki had been targeted by armed robbers wanting money and cigarettes.

On September 1, Hawera's Subway Dairy owners were allegedly threatened by a teen armed with a small pistol. An arrest has been made in the case and a 17-year-old Hawera man is due to reappear in court on October 7.

And last Saturday, the owners of Chris's Dairy in Opunake, were confronted by a man wielding a large kitchen knife.

- Taranaki Daily News

07 September, 2014


The Form 
  • Grounding exercise
  • The last movement from the Bil Jee form: how it works and why it works
  • The cyclical nature of Wing Chun's three forms 
  • Pushing the planet away/decompression and straightening
  • Structural power and the postural groove
  • The neck connection
  • Fishbowl full of agitated, muddy water
  • Surprise! (Who is surprised?) Throwing the switch
  • Explosive close-range hitting
  • Internal attraction/density (magnetism analogy)
  • Grand Central Station
  • Breathing: how to breathe while doing The Form, and why it helps to pay attention to it
  • Weight: what is affected and what is not
  • The dynamic equilibrium of relaxation (within The Form) 
  • Using The Form to move back to centre (remember my story of getting up on the wrong side of the bed)
  • The relativity of yin and yang (remember my illustration of the outdoor grass area and the inside of the hall) and some of its relevance to us

Hands-on and experiential

Sunday 7 September 2014

8:45 AM - 12:00 PM

In attendance: Hadrian, Rachel, Chris, and Anthony (instructor).