27 October, 2018

Kung fu nosh-up ~ 14 Oct 2018

Left to right: 
Rachel, Shereen, Kevin, Beau.
Photographer: Moo

Left to right:
Rachel, Shereen, Kevin, Moo.
Photographer: Beau

Left to right: 
Anthony, Brendan, Ange, Red, Shereen, Kevin, Beau, Rachel.
Photographer: Moo

18 October, 2018

The Invincible Man ~ a book by Kevin Earle

scan of front cover


Published this month (October 2018) in New Zealand, The Invincible Man by Kevin L. Earle is a Ving Chun Kuen kung fu training manual par excellence.

scan of back cover

Kung fu get-together and barbecue

Left to right:
Kevin, Brent, Beau, Anthony