09 June, 2018

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Shereen in action

04 February, 2018

Caffeine Highgate

Left to right: me, Red, and Kevin.
17 Dec 2017

28 January, 2018

Saturday training...

Southland kung fu instructor Lyndsay pays a visit to
Pete, Brendan, Shereen, Fin, and me.

Lyndsay, Brendan, and Fin
Photographer: Anthony

Lyndsay and Anthony
Photographer: Brendan

22 December, 2017

Self-defence in the News - No. 110

Nelson man fights off home intruder


December 22, 2017

A Nelson man who woke up to find an intruder in his house wrestled with the man who was threatening to stab him.

"I'm very grateful my partner and the kids weren't there and they never had to see anything," said the resident, who declined to be named. "I'm a big boy; I can handle myself but ... the kids."

The resident said he was woken about 2.30am on Tuesday to a noise in his home at the Wood. He got up to investigate and saw a glow like torchlight coming from his spare room. The resident went in to find a man in the room.

"I told him to get the f... out of my house."

The pair started to exchange blows, the resident said.

"He said: 'I'll stab you, I'll stab you."

The resident said he saw no knife at the time and the fight continued.

During the tussle, the man fell back and smashed his arm through a window.

Cut and bleeding, the man continued to fight, the resident said.

"I said: 'We can keep doing this or you can get out of my house'."

The man chose the latter option and left via the front door "squirting blood down the hallway", the resident said.

Police were called and arrived quickly, blocking off the area. A dog unit followed a trail.

The resident said police officers went back into the spare room with him and together and they found a knife that the resident believed belonged to the man.

"They were exceptionally good," the resident said of police officers involved.

The resident said he believed the man had also been in two of three vehicles on his property but he did not think anything had been taken from the vehicles or the house.

"It was brazen," the resident said of the incident. "He had to know someone was in there."

About 1½ hours after police were called, the resident was told a man had been arrested.

The resident said he understood the alleged offender had been granted bail.

"I'm frustrated with this," the resident said. "At the end of the day, these guys shouldn't be at large. He had a knife in my house. I should be able to sleep in my own bed without harm."

Senior Sergeant Lyn Fleming confirmed a 19-year-old man had been arrested and charged with aggravated burglary.

She said he had been remanded on bail to an address outside of the Nelson area, and would be back in court in late January.

Police also confirmed the man arrested was treated for cuts at Nelson Hospital.

19 December, 2017

Kung fu training day and club dinner

Shereen and Kevin
(That's Rodney, Pete, and Brent in the background.)
16 Dec 2017
Photographer: Anthony

Rodney and Red
16 Dec 2017
Photographer: Anthony

Anthony and Kevin
16 Dec 2017
Photographer: Rachel

More photographs to come as I get hold of them...

26 November, 2017

Self-defence in the News - No. 109

Australian gas station owner fights off armed robber

November 26, 2017

An Australian service station owner has exacted sweet revenge on a would-be robber armed with a machete, 7 News reports.

Ratan Raju, whose service station is outside the town of Caboolture in rural Queensland, grabbed the nearest thing to hand to protect himself when he was confronted by the armed man: a lolly tin.

CCTV footage shows the man approaching Raju, waving his machete around and demanding cash. Raju grabs a large tin of Milkos from behind the counter and hurls it at his assailant's head, sending him running for the door.

Raju then follows the would-be robber outside, arming himself with a tube of Pringles and a pot of honey on the way.

"I whacked him on his head and then he ran further so I ran closer to the garbage bin and I gave it to him on his back," Raju told 7 News.

"He was coming back with a knife, so I got [a] chair and I said 'come on, bring it on'."

It's not the first time the Australian Navy veteran has taken on a robber: the last person whe demanded cash from his till got knocked out cold. 

During the latest drama, Raju's wife and children were in the room behind the store.

"I work 14 hours a day, seven days a week, no one is just going to come in and grab my sweat and my blood off me," he said.

And if the robber returns? Raju has a clear message: "He'll be sleeping on that ground, I swear."

23 November, 2017

Self-defence in the News - No. 108

Off-duty cop carrying baby shoots dead two robbers

November 23, 2017

An off-duty Brazilian police officer had a baby under one arm when he pulled his gun and engaged in a shoot out with two robbers, leaving the raiders dead.

The gun battle took place in a pharmacy and part of it was captured on surveillance footage.

Souza opened fire when one of the robbers, wearing 
a masked hoodie, pointed a gun at him.

At one point the officer is seen handing the baby to his wife, who had taken cover behind one of the store's aisles.

Brazilian newspaper Estadao reported Sao Paulo police sergeant Rafael Souza, his wife and the infant, were shopping in the city of Campo Limpo Paulista on Saturday.

Two men stormed the shop and announced they were robbing the place.

One of the robbers, wearing a masked hoodie pointed a gun at Souza. At that point Souza pulled his gun and the shootout started.

Souza told investigators he fired first because he believed the robbers would have opened fire if he told them he was a police officer.

05 November, 2017

Brendan and Shereen

28 Oct 2017

01 November, 2017

The greatest fist-fighter who ever lived

Anthony and Fitz

Date: 21 Oct 2017
Photographer: Rachel

Statue of Bob Fitzsimmons
Sculptor: Margriet Windhausen van den Bergh
Commissioned by Bob Jones
Unveiled 1987 by David Lange
Location: Timaru (Bob Fitzsimmons' hometown),
New Zealand