21 May, 2015

Self-defence in the News - No. 81

Sex attacker choked-out by female kickboxer


Sex attacker Mark Willis dragged a woman over a wall and tried to get on top of her, but five minutes later he was unconscious.

The female had two years of kickboxing under her belt and put her attacker in a triangle choke, Metro reported.

The move involves wrapping your legs around the neck of the other person to cut off the blood flow to their brain, and puts them to sleep.

Willis, 39, was not prepared for his attack to go all so wrong.

He had targeted the woman who was walking alone through a town in Gloucestershire, England at 2am (local time).

Wallis grabbed her and punched her several times, then forced her into a garden and got on top of her. He told her to be quiet, do as he said and she wouldn't get hurt.

"I swore at him," said the woman.

"My legs were still free so I lifted my left leg up onto his shoulder and around the back of his neck. I crossed my right leg over and squeezed together as hard as I could.

"I closed my eyes and held it for as long as I could hoping he would pass out in a few seconds. Then I felt his body go limp. I thought he had lost consciousness or run out of air. I flipped him off, rolled over and crawled through the bushes to the door of the house."

Later Willis was quickly arrested, identified by the woman, and convicted of sexual assault, despite his denial.

He is yet to be sentenced.

The woman received a £500 reward from the presiding judge, as a token of the court's appreciation of what she has done to catch Willis.

"He bit off slightly more than he could chew with this young lady," Judge Hart said.

"Not everyone could do what she did and not everyone could even sensibly try to do what she did."

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