11 November, 2014

Self-defence in the News - No. 71

Girl fights off attacker


Girl fights off attacker with jiu jitsu skills




A teenager with martial arts skills has earned praise from police after fighting off her alleged attacker.

The 16-year-old, speaking about her ordeal for the first time, said she "bolted"
home, allegedly leaving the man who tried to molest her stunned on the footpath.

The Year 11 student was happy to speak about her ordeal but her parents asked that she not be identified to protect her until the alleged offender had been caught.

She was resigned to the fact there will always be "scumbags" in the community, however it had knocked her confidence walking around what she thought was a safe area.

"I should be able to walk around without fear of being attacked," she said.

She encouraged other teens to scream, and fight back if they were ever confronted.
"They don't expect a small girl to fight back."

She had been walking home from a job interview at The Plaza in Hastings about 4.30pm on October 29 when a group of guys leaned out of a car wolf-whistling at her.

As she walked through a carpark a group of teenage boys also gave her a bit of lip.

"I thought what the hell is happening today, I just wanted to get home."

She continued on down Caroline Rd when she heard someone approaching on a bicycle. Instead of whizzing past she heard the bicycle slow.

Her heart was pounding when a "dodgy looking guy" started riding alongside her.

He started making lurid comments about her figure and suggested she go back to his house.

"I was looking straight ahead trying to ignore him ... and asked him to please leave me alone. He was being sleazy, and so creepy."

She tried to cross the road when he got off his bike and started walking next to her.

The man grabbed her and pushed her into some bushes.
"I should've screamed but I got a fright and it didn't click."

Instead she elbowed him in the testicles and punched him in the face, causing his tooth to cut through his lip. Then she ran.

She sprinted until she reached her doorstep and rang her mum who notified the police.

The teen said practising martial art, Brazilian jiu jitsu, gave her more confidence to confront her attacker.

She said she still counted herself lucky because if the alleged attacker had been any bigger, she would've struggled to stop the attack.

Police praised her quick thinking and defensive moves.

"This is a great example of how young people, especially females, should be aware of personal safety and know what to do if they are approached or attacked," Detective Jeff Foley said.

Police are still looking for a man described as Maori, aged between 20 and 30 of a medium build and height, wearing a large, black hoodie.

- The Dominion Post

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