28 March, 2014

Self-defence in the News - No. 61

Hero warden saves assault victim


Bay of Plenty Times

A Tauranga parking warden ran to the aid of an assault victim in ACC yesterday and held the offender until police arrived.

The parking warden, who wanted to be known only by his first name Peter, was patrolling past ACC on Grey Street when a woman ran out calling for help.

Peter entered the building and saw a man who was obviously out of control.

Peter said he helped an ACC staff member to restrain the offender and called police.

The man, who was accused of punching an ACC staff member and pushing computers and equipment off desks, was arrested.

Peter wanted to praise the actions of the staff member who, despite being assaulted, managed to get the offender into a headlock as Peter arrived to assist and helped to restrain his arms.

A third person then helped to restrain the man until police arrived. Peter said they had to hold the man for about 10 minutes.

All other ACC staff had retreated behind locked doors by the time police arrived.

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