15 June, 2011

Self-defence in the News - No. 19

Sth Dunedin storekeeper foils robbery

Sth Dunedin storekeeper foils robbery

By Matthew Haggart on Tue, 14 Jun 2011
News: Dunedin

Proprietors of the 10 O'Clock Dairy (from left) Vhiyou Song and Ge Song speak to police about an alleged attempted armed robbery at the Dunedin store last night, as witness Cory Craik waits beside the trio. Photo by Stephen Jaquiery.

A south Dunedin shopkeeper "chased off" an alleged offender who presented a knife and demanded money at his Prince Albert Rd dairy last night, police say.
Dunedin police are investigating the attempted robbery - the fourth instance where a "skinny" male caucasian has demanded money from shopkeepers around the city in the past week.

The 10 O'Clock Dairy shopkeeper Ge Song said a man walked into the store and pulled a knife on him.

"One guy walk in; taken knife out and he want money," Mr Song said.

There had been another attempted robbery in the area recently, at the Stadium Store in Victoria St.

"I don't give him no money," Mr Song said.

Senior Sergeant Craig Brown said the man had been chased off the premises after he allegedly presented a knife and demanded money about 9.20pm.

Police were investigating whether the man, "a male caucasian of skinny build and dressed in dark clothing", was linked to other recent incidents around Dunedin, Snr Sgt Brown said.

Police had cordoned off the area.

The BP service station in Mornington and the Green Island Post and Paper were robbed last week.

A man had also demanded cash from a shop worker at the Stadium Store, but had walked out when he was refused money, last Monday evening.

The offenders in these cases have been described by police as thin caucasians, wearing dark glasses, hoodies, and jeans.

Dairy owner dishes out super soakings

Dairy owner dishes out super soakings

By John Lewis on Wed, 15 Jun 2011
News: Dunedin

The owner of the 10 O'Clock Dairy in St Kilda, Ge Song, with the large water gun he has used to chase would-be robbers from his store. Photo by Stephen Jaquiery.

A man arrested after allegedly attempting to rob a St Kilda dairy on Monday night should be counting his blessings the owner did not have time to pull out his water gun from under the counter and dish out some of his own justice.
The 10 O'Clock Dairy owner Ge Song said his store in Prince Albert Rd, Dunedin, had been the scene of five attempted robberies since he bought it four years ago.

But thanks to the large "super-soaker" water gun and a large stick under his counter, he had never had to give money to would-be robbers.

Mr Song said he did not have time to use the water gun on Monday night, but he had done so to several previous attempted robbers, soaking them.

"They no say anything. I just wet them and they run.

"I sad I no get to use my water [gun on Monday night]."

Mr Song said he had been threatened at the store many times in recent years, and when a man entered his store on Monday night with a knife, demanding money, he laughed as he sounded an alarm in the shop and told the man to leave.

The man ran, but had he stayed a moment longer, he would have been soaked to the skin.

Mr Song said he refused to be intimidated by people threatening to rob his store.

Two men were arrested on Monday night for their alleged part in the attempted robbery, after a member of the public saw a man leave the store and climb into a van.

The witness followed the van and contacted Dunedin police.

Last night, police arrested a third man, a 19-year-old cleaner, and charged him with aggravated robbery for his alleged role in the incident.

He also faces charges related to robberies at the Mornington BP service station on June 5 and Green Island Post and Paper two days later.

He is expected to appear in the Dunedin District Court today.

Detective Sergeant Rob Hanna, of the Dunedin CIB, said police were not ruling out the possibility of further arrests.

• A 19-year-old unemployed man and a 21-year-old labourer received a registrar's adjournment yesterday on an indictably-laid charge of attempting to rob a male while armed with an offensive weapon.

They have interim name suppression and were remanded on bail to June 28.

- john.lewis@odt.co.nz

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